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California’s Top 10 Summer Getaway Locations

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When it is mid-summer and you just want to refresh yourself, you will search for some of the best locations where you can breathe freely and can enjoy your summer holiday with less heat. 

Here we have listed some of the best places to visit in summer in California. Here you might notice that some places aren’t mentioned in the list, the reason is that some can become less attractive in summer. The beach from San Diego to San Francisco is subject to summer fog. Theme parks can be full, and some of the places might be full of heat in summer-like, like Joshua tree, Palm Springs area, and Death Valley.

Here is the list of the spot that you can visit in mid-summer also for a week or just the weekend!!

Sequoia National Park

  • Sequoia Nation Park can be one of the best places to visit during the summer days. This park is administered jointly with Kings Canyon Nation Park. This national park preserves big trees, underground crystal caves, etc.  
  • So basically it is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy at any time but especially on the hot days of summer, you will feel some refreshment here as there are lots of trees.


Lake Tahoe

  • Lake Tahoe is one of the largest lakes in the US. When you are tired of the unbearable heat of summer, take a break and visit this lake. You will surely enjoy the view & location of the lake during heat days as it also has some mountains nearby. So a perfect location for holiday. 
  • In addition, there are ski resorts that facilitate some of the best summer activities like boating, mountain climbing, etc. Visit this place with your Friends or family to enjoy it.


Mendocino Coast

  • Mendocino Coast is well located to spend your weekend in the golden days of summer. 
  • As this place has a mesmerizing beach to visit which also offers some beach activities like Boating, Ski bike, and much more.
  • Mendocino Coast also has a historical museum and galleries that include some arts.  
  • It is located in northern California.  

Mono County

  • Mono County is located in the east-central portion of California. A perfect area where the heat of summer might not affect much as other parts of the state.  
  • In this county, there are also other locations where you can visit some lakes with skiing & fishing facility. 
  • It takes a bit of time to reach the destination, but it is worth waiting. Also on the coming way to Mono County, you can enjoy the sightseeing, of the mountains!

Mono County

Paso Robles Wine Country

  • Are you frustrated with the heat of summer?? Want to enjoy some fresh, cold Wine with your loved ones? 
  • Then this is the right place for you, Paso Robles Wine Country. Here you will get some exciting and growing wine in a less crowded place. 
  • Here you will get some sitting arrangements in nature; where you can enjoy the cold wine with your loved one.  

aso Robles Wine Country

Mount Lassen

  • Have you heard about the volcanic outbreak?? Mount Lassen is the same. It is the most active volcano in southern California. Mount Lassen in northern California explodes first in 1915, producing an explosion that spread volcanic ash up to 200 miles away.
  • If you are planning to visit Mount Lassen in the summer, then July to September is the best time to visit.
  • You will get to enjoy multiple activities that are offered in summer only, of course when the snowpack is removed. 
  • You will also get to enjoy the beautiful scene of wildflowers, as some spices and flowers grow between July to September.

Pismo Beach 

  • There is no shortage of beautiful beaches in California, but Pismo Beach is known & famous for its location & facility. 
  • Pismo Beach is located on California’s Central Coast & a perfect place for family weekends. 
  • Pismo Beach has all the things that we require to spend a weekend, a small downtown, Local food restaurants, rides & adventures at the beachside.

Pismo Beach

Russian River

  • The Russian River runs west across Sonoma County, reaching the Pacific Ocean close to Jenner. 
  • You will get to see different activities and rides over here like, swimming, river rafting, and different events & competitions. 
  • You will also find some relaxation activities like Yoga, spa Etc. 

Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles is a Southern California city and the center of the nation’s film industry. If you plan to visit Los Angeles, then this is not preferable to visit in summer as it is the hottest city. 
  • Its parks are the most crowded in the city. Although Los Angeles evenings are mild so you can have fun in the evening & night. 

San Diego

  • San Diego is a city on the pacific coast of California. The city is famous for its beaches, parks, amusement parks, zoo, etc.  So if you want to spend a perfect evening on these hot sunny days, then this might be the best option for you. 
  • Although days are hot & warmer here evenings are mild as Los Angles, so you can have a blasting evening with your friends & family.


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